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Salford Garden

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When a local client undertook a total renovation of a 1960s bungalow, Project Collection was called on to provide the lighting solutions. Here are some of the products and techniques employed for the outside.

A combination of Sapporo Square ankle lights and Farringdon narrow beam spotlights were used to light the sweeping pedestrian path at the front of the home, guiding visitors to the entrance.   


The canopy at the front of the house creates an all-weather dining space, and an extended porch. Tokyo was selected to provide ambient light for the porch area, whilst Zeus recessed spotlights give local lighting and enable the space to be used as an outdoor dining area in all weathers. Whilst the walls are highlighted by Waldorf up and down lights, and sliding doors are picked out with narrow beam Paddington recessed LED marker lights.  

The side of the property is located close to the neighbours, so avoiding light spill was essential. Yokohama wall lights are directional, with minimal light projected, allowing the path to be well lit whilst ensuring the light stays only on this property.

The lawned area at the rear of the home is a sunken garden, visible from almost every room in the bungalow. The garden design is minimal, with sculpted bay trees in raised beds, and the brief was that lighting should create a modern look and feel at night time. Farringdon spike spots picked out the bays trees, whilst the front of the beds were grazed with light from more Yokohama fittings and Ankle Light was used on the steps.


The client was delighted that her new garden was lit throughout, whilst not fully lit, so the highlights were as impressive at night as in the daytime.

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