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Success for Marylebone

In September 2023, Project Collection fulfilled an order for more than 1000 black Marylebone units to support a significant hotel renovation project in Scotland. We provided one of our committed customers with a customised, unbranded version, adhering to their specifications, and supplying all documentation in alignment with their brand guidelines, showing our commitment to our customer base.

Meeting the project's urgency, we ensured a swift turnaround, delivering all products to the customer within 24 hours of their arrival in house.

Marylebone is a discreet recessed headboard reading light crafted for both residential and hospitality settings. Marylebone’s main feature, that the light automatically switches off when you close the reading arm, provides a unique and seamless user experience.

Marylebone 3W Matt Black Recessed Wall Light

Marylebone is available in two finishes: matt black and satin nickel.

For further details, please visit our website at

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